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Approved used cars benefits

The FIAT Approved used car programme has a series of benefits designed to reassure you about our vehicle checks before you buy the car and give you peace of mind once the purchase has been completed.

All purchasers of a FIAT Approved used car will receive:

Full details and terms and conditions for the Approved used car programme can be obtained from your dealer.


With me, every journey opens up a world of possibilities. With an unmistakeable personality and all the latest technology, the FIAT 500 has become an icon. With a style for every feeling, every desire, surely there's a FIAT 500 out there for you.

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The clue is in the name. The L stands for large, but don’t worry, you’ll still love its style.

The 500L is just as chic and funky but has more doors, which means more space and more fun for everyone!

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The Panda has been around for 30 years, but despite the unassuming size of its 5 door bodystyle, it has an infinite capacity for surprising us, with no other car coming close to being quite as simple, functional and innovative. The Panda simply gives you more.

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The Fiat Punto is easily recognisable. Its unique style is sleek and eye catching. Making the even the shortest journeys more fun and enjoyable, the Punto has all the latest technology for those that need to be connected at all times, including on the road.

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Grande Punto

Forget boring. The Fiat Grande Punto changes everything into fun, convenient and eco-friendly. With sporty 3 door or practical 5 door bodystyles and a range of sparkling petrol and diesel engines, the Grande Punto meets today's complicated world head on.

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Punto Evo

The Punto Evo exhibits all the charm and personality you could wish for with outstanding looks and refinement. Available as a 3 or 5 door hatchback, it features Fiat's MultiAir petrol engines and second generation MultiJet diesel engines.

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The Bravo is a family car with a perfect balance of style and substance and practical beauty inside and out. With safety also a top priority, Bravo is a perfect blend, a car that combines classical beauty and modern technology.

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If you're the kind of person who doesn't worry about this week's 'must haves' or whether beige is the new black. If you seek form with real function, if the ingredients that make your special day are simplicity, convenience and freedom to be yourself, then the FIAT Qubo's for you.

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Unique from all points of view. Safe, comfortable, stylish, spacious and ecological. The Doblò is far more than just another car. Think of it as your Family Space, an ideal way to take everything with you when you travel, starting with plenty of company. Doblò is a new lifestyle for you and your family.

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